Tampa Bay Lines North

The simplified 1948 map below shows the main central Florida rail routes extending to the east and north of the Tampa Bay region that served during the ACL and SAL years of 1900-1970. The map has been further simplified by omitting smaller connecting routes.

The first significant step towards building a railroad system in central Florida began with the Florida Railroad company's completion of a line between Fernandina and Cedar Key (represented on this map by the green line between Waldo and Archer) in 1861. But Henry Plant's System of Railroads (red lines on the map) took over the leadership role not long after Plant expanded his Georgia railroad into Florida in the late 1870s, and the successors of the Florida Railroad found themselves playing catch-up as the competition to build tracks to Tampa Bay really began heating up in the early 1880s.

The individual main routes are further described on the following linked pages:

Tampa Bay Lines North
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